About us

 Our mission is  to dedicate and define decision process that combines ethical standards with an acute awareness each decision affects our customers. Our philosophy remains constantly led to the following milestones and achievements.

Trejo's Packaging founded by a group of people working together, Dedicated and Professional. We take our customers’ challenges as opportunities to break through barriers and push the industry forward, creating new challenges.

Trejo’s Packaging  working to establish what most companies are looking for Integrity and Quality service, competitive lower cost and above all, a great concern for your Equipment.

Specialize in the design of complex, economical packaging for the most fragile and high technology electronic equipment.

Together we have 16 years of combined experience. Our Engineering and Designers staff looks at a practical solution design with consideration lower the cost of your product to give complete environmental and ensure well protection.

Principal Locations to support our customers located in San Jose California Silicon Valley. Just off highway 101

Please contact us for any questions regarding offered services.