About us

Our commitment every day is to create customer satisfaction and maintain customer relationships providing outstanding service every time.

Packaging: We offer a variety of options to packaging your products efficiently and according to your specifications. We design and manufacturing any custom corrugated containers to protect and ensure any domestic or international equipment.

Custom Crating &Design Crate Software: We provides full-service custom crating for high-value products and trade show exhibits. We designing and building crates with your specifications using top quality materials to protect your equipment property.

AUTOCAD help us to design your equipment develop a very efficient crating and cost solution possible.

Logistics: We make it easy on you providing on-time delivery and meeting customer expectations. Whether your shipment will travel by land, sea or air, we can provide the service solution for you, Monitor your shipments worldwide.

Services we provide:

  • Custom containers for domestic or international
  • Trade show exhibits  
  • MIL SPEC crates and bases
  • Services Pack on-site
  • Clean Room crate service
  • Drawings of custom crate designs
  • Certificates and stamps
  • Crates are fabricated with heat-treated lumber in compliance
  • Government and international regulations
  • Preparation and Transportation Hazardous materials

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